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What our families say


This school has been the best thing for both of my daughters. The 4 teachers here are excellent. My daughters are excited to go to school each day, they have learned so much and have gained a self confidence they didn't have before.

I would recommend this school over and over to anyone. They keep everything clean and sanitized, are very personable and trustworthy. They also plan field trips, snow days and other non school day events which the whole family can participate in.

My third child will definitely be going here. We love Seaside Ranchos Preschool!

Already dreaming about those fun, sun-drenched summer months?! Us too! Have your happy camper join us to make the most of them!

Summer Camp 2023!

Check out our video tour!

LIC# 197494904

Seaside Ranchos Preschool (SRP) is a nonprofit early learning center located in sunny South Torrance, California.  And although our name may be new to you, the location of our school has been a bustling preschool since the 70's. Groovy!


This cute, little place is nestled just east of Seaside Elementary School and behind EFC Southbay at 4565 Sharynne Lane. SRP can accommodate up to 40 happy students--resulting in the perfect not-too-big/not-too-small pre-k experience for your young one.


Our facility has so much to offer: a great-room that features substantial areas for both floor play and pint-sized tables/chairs for crafts and academics; a cozy book nook; a large, plush rug space for circle-time songs and activities; and two separate classroom spaces. Outdoor time also goes swimmingly as there is so much to do! We've got tricycles, ball games, chalk, gardening, slides and swings, sand, and play sets/houses. This large, natural space has shady trees and cool sea breeze. 


Ready to dive in? Another unique aspect of SRP, which is optional of course, is the ability to become a family volunteer and really get your feet wet! Once cleared, parents and other special family members can surf in to lend a hand in the classroom alongside our awesome teachers. It's really such a fun way to get to know other families and make your kiddo's first memories of preschool a big splash!


Schedule your visit today as our wave of enrollment is approaching a big swell!

About Seaside Ranchos

What We Offer

hours, tuition, & classes

9:30am-12:30pm Weekdays

 Morning Program

Afternoon Program

9:30AM-2:00pm Weekdays

School-day Program

9:30AM-3:00pm Weekdays (limited Availability)

Morning"Stay & Play" Add-ons
+$25 Each/Month

Weekdays, 8:30am-9:00am (limited availability)
Weekdays, 9:00am-9:30am

Don't Forget...​

Ask about our 20% sibling discount!

And, enjoy no additional potty-achieving fees!


So tiny and so new! The Tadpole program introduces our youngest learners to our school dynamic.  These students ease into fun, seasonal, and thematic curriculum, yet the true focus of this group is on self-awareness, self-regulation, social-emotional understanding, and fine and gross motor work. (1:7 Ratio)

Areas of introduction include

  • hand/eye coordination: glide cars along a track, stack blocks, hold writing instruments, scribble drawing

  • independence: clean up, put on a coat

  • self-awareness: find their voice, ask for wants/needs

  • self-regulation: lengthen attention/ focus, follow simple instructions

  • social skills: take turns, respond to questions/speech with 2 words, ask questions, play next to others

  • begin concepts of matching and sorting letters, shapes, colors, numbers, patterns

  • sensory knowledge through tactile exploration

Ages  2-2.5 


Dive in! The Goldfish carry-over program features continued practice in our year two benchmarks of learning and development. School/daily routines are still an important foundation of this class as we deepen our capacity regarding self-awareness, self-regulation, social-emotional understanding, and fine and gross motor work. (1:9 Ratio)

Areas of practice include

  • hand/eye coordination: zip/snap buttons, complete puzzles, stack blocks, hold writing instruments

  • independence: clean up, put on a coat

  • self-awareness: find their voice, ask for wants/needs, identify body parts

  • self-regulation: lengthen attention/ focus, follow simple instructions

  • social skills: take turns, join in conversational speech using 2-4 words, ask questions, include others in play 

  • recognition of letters, shapes, colors, numbers, patterns in addition to sorting and matching

  • sensory knowledge through tactile exploration

Ages 2.5-3

2023-2024:2 spots
2024-2025:5 Spots 

2023-2024: 1 Spot
2024-2025: 6 Spots

Sea Stars

Let’s shine! The Sea Star program is designed to engage kiddos using rotating, monthly themes that foster growth in foundational abilities like social-emotional needs, fine and gross motor skills, language development, literacy, and math. This is accomplished through a tailored blend of creative play, hands-on centers, as well as targeted academic instruction within a planned and structured daily schedule. 

(1:12 Ratio)

Areas of focus include

  • letter sounds, recognition

  • patterns: same vs. different

  • counting, number recognition

  • identifying shapes, colors

  • weather patterns, seasons, calendar components

  • good reader skills: retelling, predicting what might happen next

  • tracing letters/numbers while properly holding a writing instrument

  • creative drawing, painting

  • Spatial concepts: on, over, under, above, behind, etc.

Ages 3-4

2023-2024:3 spots
2024-2025:5 Spots 

2023-2024:2 spots
2024-2025: 5 spots


Ages 4-5

Make a splash! The Dolphin program focuses on the same well-rounded foundational skills as the Sea Star program...and beyond! Kindergarten readiness is the name of the game here as familiarization to pre-kindergarten skills are needed for a successful, confident transition to what comes next. (1:12 Ratio) 


Areas of mastery include

  • ​numbers, counting (1-20)

  • early addition: intro to 10-frames, number bonds

  • alphabet letter case, sound recognition

  • sorting shapes, sizes

  • identifying, predicting patterns

  • writing and reading own name

  • creating art with many mediums 

  • comfortability with scissors, glue, lacing

  • emergent readers display left-to-right eye movement

  • determine, create rhyming words/phrases

  • following instructions/ assignment directions

many happy South Bay families have already enrolled, join them!

Ready to Begin?

Enrolling is a breeze!

1. Take a tour

Come meet our staff and explore our space! Feel free to bring your kiddos.

2. Sign enrollment agreement

Request the Enrollment Link. Read through our important policies, Sign & Upload.

3. Pay registration fee

Pay SRP's $200 registration Fee (non-refundable)by check or Zelle.

4. Complete all student forms

complete & Upload all student health forms and childcare Licensing Forms prior to your student's First day of school.

Meet Our Teachers


Christine is our fantastic DIRECTOR and TEAM LEAD TEACHER. She has over 10 years of expertise in early education and obtained her B.A. in Psychology. Throughout her many years in education, she's acquired a vast repertoire of learning philosophies including traditional, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia.  Using this insight, she oversees class to class, sets the tone and pace of our school's focus and academics, and coordinates fun family field trips/events/activities for our school that enrich our preschool community--creating lasting family friendships.


All who meet Ms. Z truly benefit from her calm, supportive, welcoming personality. She's highly attuned to and observant of our students' needs and growth--doing all possible to ensure SRP is the most comforting and nurturing choice for your kiddo's pre-k experience. 

Christine Zamora

Sarah Musick

Sarah is our treasured SEA STAR TEACHER. She uses her wealth of 20 years of experience to cultivate an upbeat, fun-loving learning environment for her 3-year-olds. Her lessons are hands-on, sparking children’s natural curiosity. It's clear to see that Mrs. Musick loves her work and each child as a whole. Honestly, your student will be talking about her for years to come--she leaves such an impression!


Her students are empowered by her teaching style and are happily challenged to awaken their true potential and find their voice.  She focuses on listening and speaking foundations, with weekly Friday share days, which ignite critical thinking and interesting conversation in her classroom. Whether it's exploring engaging STEAM activities together or through her imaginative themed sensory bins, your kiddo will thrive, in more ways than one, while in Mrs. Musick's hands.